Those who want to follow the Way of Beauty must break away from cultural dictatorship and move out into no-man’s land where everything is new and unknown. They must learn to live outside of stereotypes and worn-out attitudes, and free themselves from any bonds – roles, ties, ideologies, interests, or habits – that might hold them back. They must learn all over again, without fear or hesitation, to be themselves. ~ Piero Ferrucci


Engage the wildness that lives in you.

Healing and transformation happen on vision fasts/wilderness rites of passage.  Such deep learning, such deep understanding.  On my first fast I did the equivalent of 10 years of therapy in a few days.

Some go out to mark something, some go out to find out what’s next, others go out to let something go.  Really we are all letting go, dying to a way of being, to part of ourselves.  We severe, we step into the unknown, and we bring back the gifts we were given to our people. That is the pure simplicity of how it works.

I guide wilderness rites of passage in Colorado and Utah.  I will post on this site when I have anything scheduled.  I also guide Medicine Walks and will post those as well.

As you can see I’m just getting started with this website.  It’s not the part that brings me alive, nor likely you.  So let’s just meet, on the phone or in person, and see if you feel called to the wild within, and how I may help lead you to communion with the land and your deepest self.

I was trained with School of Lost Borders and many of their guides.  I suggest you check out their incredible website, especially the stories and resources pages, for some great stuff on this topic.

The decision to go out on a Vision Fast is not arrived at by reason, no matter how compelled one is to attach reasons to it, it is an instinctual impulse that emerges, sometimes volcanically, from ones very essence. In truth it is not a decision at all but rather a willingness to say yes to the whisperings of your heart and turning yourself over fully to all that life is asking and offering you. ~ Joseph Lazenka