2017 all gender open quest – New Mexico

June 15 – 24, 2017hawk-bg

Across time and in countless ways, people of many cultures have gone into the wilderness to mark life transitions and seek guidance. In finding time alone with exposure to the elements in an unfamiliar place, a radical shift in self and world occurs. The essence of the ceremony is leaving the ordinary world, crossing a threshold, and returning with a gift and a task. It is an initiation, a rite of passage, a new opening and grounding into your next phase of life.

The vision fast is a cross-cultural ceremony that brings guidance and healing through solo time in wild nature. This journey is a very personal one, and its meaning will be unique to you. Traditionally, the vision fast is a rite of passage that marks an important transition in your life, such as the passage into adulthood. The vision fast can be used for contemplation and celebration of life at any time of change, including puberty, marriage, divorce, career change, meeting life goals and milestones (something we often don’t take the time to celebrate and acknowledge in a meaningful way), loss of a loved one, retirement, illness, and preparation for death.

Today, precious time alone in wild nature is rare, and you might wish to take this time for contemplation or to renew your connection to yourself, to the earth, and to the sacred dimension in your life. Or perhaps there is an area of your life that you want to spend some time healing, such as a distressing event or a relationship. Or maybe you are aware of an inner quality of yourself that you wish to cultivate and invite to participate more fully in your life. What longing in your heart is calling you to undertake this journey?

Your Guides

Carolyn Ringo is a Deep Self Care coach and an experienced guide in your process of transition and transformation. Carolyn went on her first Vision Quest in 1994, and trained as a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide with The School of Lost Borders. In addition to coaching women in transition, Carolyn is a ceremonialist, public speaker and teacher of compassionate communications.

Munro Sickafoose is a vision quest guide, an initiated man, whitewater river guide, and ceremonial leader. He has been deeply involved with indigenous earth–based ceremonies for many years. He trained as a vision quest guide at the School of Lost Borders, and has been leading groups and individuals in the wild since 1996.

The Details

The vision fast ceremony begins with three days of preparations and clarifying intentions. Then participants fast alone in the wilderness for three days and nights, following the ancient practice of going without food, human companionship, and built shelter. (To adapt this ceremony to modern questers in a mountain climate, fasters use a tarp and sleeping bag for shelter.) The final three days are spent beginning to tell your story, integrating your solo time, and preparing to reincorporate into your life at home.

When: Thursday June 15 – Saturday evening, June 24, 2017.

Where: Northern New Mexico. We will meet in Santa Fe and drive to the site.

What you need to provide: Personal camping gear; share in carpooling costs/vehicles. Ability to carry your personal camping gear to your fasting site. No prior camping experience needed. Equipment list will be provided after registration.

Fees: The quest is being offered on a shared cost/gift economy basis. Shared cost per participant is $500. Any additional amount, based upon ability to pay and value received, is a gift to the guides.

Registration deadline June 1.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space.  Must be paid in full by June 8.
Major Credit Cards accepted via Paypal.

Please contact Carolyn or Munro for more details or to register.

Payment Options