Wisdom Walk

Wisdom Walk  – Spring 2018

Open your senses deeply and rekindle your vitality


  • In a council circle and get clear about your intention for this walk and receive guidance on listening.
  • Spend 2-3 hours alone in quiet Nature.
  • Return to the circle and share your story to have it mirrored in an empowering way to help you carry your experience into your daily life.

WHO: Anyone over 18 who can walk!

WHY: Receive guidance from Nature, let go of something, gain clarity, mark something in your life, or just because you feel called.   Learn more about Wild Soul  Quests, since this is a mini version of one!


WHERE: Near Paonia, CO

FEE: This is being offered on a gift basis. Your gift to me will be a reflection of ability to pay and value received. (Normal fee: $25 – $85)

YOUR GUIDE: Carolyn Ringo

IMG_5448Use the “register” link above to email me, or call me at 970-527-3933. 

I would love to have your join us!