My Vision Quest Journey by Karen Good

The Pine and Juniper growing together in a small patch of soil told me, “We love and support each other. Together we are stronger than growing alone. We each make sacrifices to keep the other alive.”



This was something I needed to hear! I found this gem in a letter I discovered this morning that I had written to myself at the end of a vision fast many years ago. The guides had suggested that we write a letter to ourselves at the end of our quest – they would mail the letters to us six months later.


Dear Karen,

This letter is to remind you of how important it is to spend time on the Mother- To receive the healing that she offers; To remember the strong sense of connection you feel between all life and yourself, and your commitment to living in a manner that honors and cares for the Earth and all life she supports.

Remember to give thanks for so many blessings and such abundance in your life. 

Remember what you learned about prayer – the power of finding clarity and putting into words what you want. 

Remember your desire to carry these insights to others. If you have not found a way to do so yet, look again. You are in a unique position to share with others.

Remember your strength. You are a very strong woman with a capacity for incredible love and many skills and abilities. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind/heart to do.

Ask for help. The universe is waiting.

Remember that you DID get off the train – and were reborn on the mountain. The choice is yours – no fear. 

Re-read your journal from the fast. There is much wisdom there.

How have you – will you pursue further learning – action?

Love, Karen


This Quest had a huge impact on my life. So much of what I asked myself to remember, I actually did incorporate!

One of the biggest ways that I now carry these insights to others is by leading Soul Quests myself. It is such an honor to hold space for other women seeking healing, guidance, and connection. And it is always such a gift to me – bringing me back to such a great sense of connection, inner strength, and gratitude.

One of the blessings of a Quest is the opportunity to really sloooowwww down (the fasting helps this!). The slow pace allows me to see so much that is often missed in our fast paced lives. Those of us without roots have a hard time going slow enough to really see how we are connected in the web that includes us, to see that we do have a place here among all the other beings.

In this slow pace we are able to ask questions and to listen, in stillness, to the wisdom of everything we encounter. In the liminal space of a Vision Quest, everything is a teacher.

When I asked the small and very old Juniper growing from a crack in a rock what it had to tell me, the response was “The will to live is very strong.” 

Quests help us to tune into nature’s intelligence and to receive mentoring from the Earth. So many blessings!