2024 Wild Soul Quest

Women’s Wild Soul Quest

-a wild soul quest for women of all ages

            June 20 – 29, 2024    Western Colorado

  • In transition?
  • Seeking insight or guidance about what’s next for you in an area of your life?
  • Feeling confused and ready for some kind of change, but not sure how to navigate it
  • Called by the gift of having time for stillness in nature to reconnect with your inner self?
  • Simply wanting to be present with yourself & Nature for deepening into yourself and with Spirit- in a supportive small comfort of women?
Vision Quest for Women

Uncompagre Plateau, Colorado

In our experience, spending intentional time on the land helps relieve fear, anxiety, stress, worry, anger, etc. It enhances feelings of well-being and delight. As we attune ourselves with the earth and all of its inhabitants we begin to let go of the perceptions and attitudes that do not serve us well. We see ourselves reflected, or mirrored, by the trees, the animals, the rocks, the sky. We find our place in the way of things.



A Wild Soul Quest is a powerful healing wilderness ceremony using Nature to guide you to your deepest core of what is true and needed at this time in your life.


IMG_1910 Join us in ceremony on the land with 8-10 other women of all ages living in beauty and rooting ourselves in safety, allowing our hearts to open. The land offers us an experience of deep self care, wisdom and compassion. We will have the opportunity to explore, discover, and renew our commitment to our own lives and life on Earth. The land and the ceremony heals, strengthens and offers support. The places where we may feel disconnected, unclear or bound can and do heal.   We will have the opportunity to return as women living in ease, with gentle humor and a sense of spaciousness.

In this 9 day experience you will be invited to let go and find what you are seeking.

The quest takes place in a community of supportive women. You will spend 3 days in preparation: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will then have the opportunity to go out on the land in your chosen spot to spend 3 days and nights with only the company of the “other than human” world. You will not be alone! When you return you will share your story with the circle, and it will be mirrored by your guides to deepen it and/or help you see different perspectives. Lastly you will contemplate and share how you will integrate your new wisdom into your lives, how you will share your experience, and how you will maintain this new level of awareness. We will celebrate!


My greatest learning has always come directly from Nature itself. Committing to this vision quest will begin a journey of self-discovery and . . . more from participants.

The Place:IMG_1885_2TBA – will be in Western Colorado

In the past we have held base camp on the Uncompragre Plateau above the meandering water and towering red rock cliffs of Big Dominguez Canyon. Nestled among ponderosa pine next to the Dominguez Canyon Wilderness and in the Uncompahgre National Forest our camp will be at approximately 8000’.  More. . .

This location is a 5 hour drive from Denver, one hour drive from Grand Junction airport.

Your Guides:IMG_5515

Carolyn Ringo is a Deep Self Care coach and an experienced guide in your process of transition and  more . . .

Karen Good was trained as a guide by the founders of The School of Lost Borders in 1996.  Karen loves to more . . .

The Details:

Contact us to ask questions, discuss your intention and the rightness for you at this time.


Total fee: $735 – $1275 sliding scale

Must be paid in full on or before April 30.

A deposit of $200 will hold your place and signifies your commitment to the program.  (We will only run this quest if we have a minimum of 5 women, and we will not accept more than 10.)

We are offering this time on the land at a reduced fee to allow women who might not otherwise be able to join us.  (Most Vision Fasts charge $1000 – $3000+) 

If you feel called to this at this time and cannot pay the full fee, please contact us to inquire about scholarships.

Refund Policy:

If we have to cancel due to any reason your full amount will be refunded.

If you have to cancel before April 30 you will be refunded all but $200.  No refunds after that date.

Your commitment of a deposit is all you need make for the Universe to begin preparing you for this powerful experience.

To register send your check made out to Carolyn Ringo to: Carolyn Ringo, PO Box 1521, Paonia, CO 81428.  Or you may pay via PayPal or credit card.