comments from past participants

The Wild Women Soul Quest was deeply moving. I am so grateful for Karen and Carolyn’s leadership, warmth, and teachings, as well as all that was learned and shared by the wonderful women in the group. The work we did in preparation before our arrival, and in the days leading up to the solo quest, gave the gifts of reflection and intentionality that continue to resonate with me. I came to the wilderness feeling pretty terrified because I wasn’t really an experienced camper. In the opening days of the Quest, I was offered kindness, grace, practical camping tips, and a sacred place to work through my anxieties. I entered the solo experience feeling ready to meet myself and face my intentions. Nothing went as I thought it would, but everything went the way it needed to go. Upon completing it, I was once again greeted with acceptance and openness, and I am still carrying the ten days of the Quest within my heart and the writings in my journal. I would truly recommend this workshop to anyone, as it offers a chance to challenge oneself and make room for peace, connection, and self acceptance. 

~Mary Spence

Carolyn and Karen are two of the most devoted, beautiful, loving individuals I have ever come know. They facilitated an experience that was life-changing for me (and I’m certain every other woman on the vision quest). The time I spent with this precious group of women and with myself on the land was probably the most loving gift I have ever allowed myself to receive. I cannot describe how safe and held I felt throughout the entire process. For me, the vision quest guided me to tap into an unsuspected inner resource, and a deeper knowing of connection, unconditional love, and freedom. Upon returning to my daily life, I have found that I can return to nature in even very simple ways, and reconnect with this knowing any time. I deeply love and respect Carolyn and Karen for giving of themselves, holding space, and sharing wholeheartedly this experience with all of us.   ~Leah Cabot


For my sixteenth birthday, I went on a solo three day vision fast. Out in the desert, with no food, water, and just a tarp, the sun turned my skin red. On the second day, there came a butterfly; landing on my shoulder. Its black eyes reflected back my own history. Even as I stumbled to the ground, it did not move. In that moment, I saw who I was. There were questions creating cracks beneath my skin;  fears of faith, not being enough, and the mystery of the future… Yet beneath that, something simpler that would never stop being with me. I knew that even when the butterfly left, that feeling, with warm colors in the back of my mind, heart and stomach, would stay.  ~Riven

[There are shade trees, and just to be clear you do have water.   ~Carolyn]

I’m grateful for Carolyn and Karen’s guidance and support provided to us throughout the Vision Quest. Their acceptance of each of us as individuals in a spiritually peaceful and loving manner helped me see myself; made me see, experience and understand depths of feelings among other gifts. ~Martha


My greatest learning has always come directly from Nature itself. Committing to this vision quest will begin a journey of self-discovery and challenge. It is an amazing opportunity to get out of the daily distractions of our lives and have the time and silence to listen to our hearts. It is an intentional journey that allows for reflection we so rarely give ourselves. If you are ready to open your heart to nature and share with women in a way that will allow you to experience a full range of emotions I encourage you to take the plunge! Carolyn and Karen create a sacred and safe space for this process and both have the knowledge and skills to hold you with integrity throughout the process. ~Mary George


Thank you for guiding us on a quest toward self-discovery. The stitches of our hearts and the window of our souls have opened further, to BIG possibilities. Every moment is more sacred. We will forever treasure our time with you and the gift you have given us – new vision and purpose. ~Joanna & Laura Calabrese


Attending my first Vision Fast with Carolyn as a guide was an experience like no other. It was with kindness, love and grace that she held the space for myself and several other women to allow ourselves to embrace and listen to our inner wisdom. With Carolyn’s compassionate guidance and experience, I was able to re-connect with Earth and with myself on a level that is difficult to attain during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As my heart opened, she encouraged me to be gentle and forgiving with myself through the process of letting go of things which no longer served me. Having Carolyn witness my grief and sorrow without judgment or advice was incredibly empowering and reassuring. The depth and breadth of compassion offered so freely in support of my unfolding has been an enormous factor in my positive evolution, and is something for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Carolyn, for continuing to offer this important avenue of self-healing to women. ~Lisa Niermann