How long before the start of a Wild Soul Quest do I need to register?

Preparation for a WS/ceremony begins the day you commit.  Inner shifts will begin to happen that will prepare you for your solo time.  Outer preparations also need to take place mindfully.  This is not a camping trip, it is an opportunity to step into a fuller more authentic life than you already have!  Do not cheat yourself, sign up the moment you feel the stirrings of a longing for something new to arise, or a letting go that needs to happen.  We are always happy to have a private phone conversation with you if you have questions or concerns.

I do not have any experience backpacking or even much camping.  I’m not in great shape either.  Is this for me?

If you are ready to have a life changing/deepening experience, it is!  You do not have to have experience or be in great shape.  You may choose to hike a long way to your solo spot, but you can have an experience just as significant very close to base camp.

We take care of our participants during the solo to the degree that they need to be.  We can even help carry gear for those who need help.

You will be thoroughly prepared for this experience in advance and all your concerns will be addressed thoughtfully and completely.

What kind of gear to I need?

We highly recommend anyone embarking on this sacred journey order and read a copy of this handbook immediately:  The Trail to the Sacred Mountain: A Vision Fast Hand-book for Adults.

A complete list of gear will be emailed to all participants upon receipt of deposit.

I’m afraid of being alone in the woods; snakes; people; etc.

All fears will be addressed in a serious manner and you will not be asked to do anything you do not feel ready to do.

How long will we actually go without food?

The solo is usually 3 days and 3 nights.  The Solo time is the second phase of the quest – the Threshold. It is a liminal sacred state, magnified by three taboos – no food (fasting), no company (aloneness), and no shelter, except for a small tarp (exposure). This liminal state allows participants to “Experience a heightened awareness of their bodies, their emotions, feelings, thoughts. They are compelled to be more inward and reflective and develop a more careful and clear-eyed attention to the details of the natural world. With nothing but water to fill their bellies their senses become more acute. Emotional states such as fear, boredom, anxiety, euphoria, and feelings kindled by memories of the past become the basis for insight and internal changes leading to personal health and vitality.” Steven Foster

While we recommend you do not eat during this time, we also recognize that some people need to eat due to health issues. We are flexible and will work with you to guide you in making your own decisions.  We also ask that you go on your solo without a tent or reading material, other than a journal.

What do you mean by Wild Soul Quest?
Your soul is indeed wild, as you are nature itself.  We are taking you into wilderness to contact your natural wild soul.  What does it mean to you?

What is the difference between A Wild Soul Quest, a Vision Fast, a Vision Quest, a Rite of Passage? 

They are only different in name and the guides that guide them.  Beware of people simply trying to monetize these sacred ceremonies.

“The purpose of a rite of passage, of course, varies depending on one’s age and circumstance, but I think it is fair to generalize that a rite of passage is primarily geared toward our need for creating (using modern psychological language) consciousness; consciousness about oneself, one’s place in the world, and about the world itself. In other words, to stay awake, to be aware…”   ~ Betsy Perluss


Where can I read more?

The Practice of Council

Self Generated Ceremony

How to Prepare for Your Vision Fast Ceremony

The Nature of Intent

Other questions, feel free to contact us.  There will be group email contact well before the ceremony begins.