guiding a women’s quest

The powerful work each of you do when you are simply being with the land never ceases to amaze me!  The courage in each and every woman, the depth women find alone and together, the strength, the joys. . . guiding a women’s quest is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done! 


My wonderful co-guide and I spend a LOT of time preparing on the physical plane, and even more readying ourselves to hold the space.  We want you to relax into trusting the ceremony, trusting the land, and coming to know yourself as Nature.

women's quest

guide reading intentions while participants on solo

You can be sure that whatever happens for you out there, that it is not about us, it is the energies of this beautiful Earth that are holding you in her bosom. 

Colorado women's quest

Colorado women’s quest

I am always delighted and sometimes awed by the stories I hear after the solo experience!

If I could write a book about guiding a Colorado women’s quest on the land it would be about the resilience, the courage, the willingness and the love shown by every woman I have ever had the honor to guide in this profoundly transforming ceremony!

If you would like more information about this possibility for yourself, please contact us.