Listening to Nature as Self

“I never knew how to truly hear, only sort of listen while planning what I was going to do or say next.”

She was a TALKER.  In circle we sat and patiently took her in, wondering when she would drop in and find herself waiting. 

When she returned from her solo I could see she was changed but habits die hard.  When it was her turn to share her experience (which we give a long time to, but we do time!) she couldn’t seem to find the right words so just kept talking to try to explain how profound it had been.

When her time was up I sat with her story, feeling deeply moved.  Normally my co-guide and I mirror each person’s story to empower it/her as concisely as possible.  I found myself beginning to mirror what I had heard without words. 

She began to weep.  I continued relating her story with my movements as she sobbed.  Words had escaped her. 

In the following days together, she spoke few words, and what she did say was powerful.  She realized at a deep profound level that she was seen and did not need to explain herself to belong and be loved.   On her solo she discovered her true nature as an integral part of Nature.     

She listened out there, she listened in circle, she heard inside.

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