medicine walks- your home land w/virtual interaction


Deepen your connection to Spirit through the natural world.
Expand your appreciation for the messages from Nature.

I invite you to renew your sense of aliveness in life by developing a simple practice
to rekindle your own vital energy
so that you can get back on your own track,
come back to center, reground, breathe, and remember who you are.

Spring is a time for blooming, refreshing, igniting your passion.

Learn a powerful self-care practice known as the Medicine Walk,

you can integrate into your everyday life no matter what your level of energy.

Next available dates TBA

Contact me if you are interested.  When I have 5 people we do it!


Medicine Walks

• give you a format for connecting with your intuition and guidance
• open your senses and encourage more aliveness & vitality
• bring the aliveness of the natural world into you
• can bring your greater clarity for the next step on your path

You will learn or deepen your knowledge of what a Medicine Walk is,
how to do it and receive support in integrating this powerful ceremony
into your life. It does not consume a lot of time and is a mode of self-care
that is fun, simple, relaxing and renewing.

This is a 6 week experience: You will go on a Medicine Walk once every 2 weeks
and share in the Council phone circle, where we will be listening and speaking
from our hearts. You will be mirrored in a way that is both supportive and empowering.
This is affordable and I would love to have you join me.

Time commitment: an hour in your backyard to a full day in the wilderness
1 to 1 1//2 hour phone call each month

Fee: $150 for 4 sessions/3 walks

Join me with a small group of mid-life women taking the time to honor themselves in this way. Only 7 spots open!

Your Guide:  Carolyn Ringo