We often hear the word resilience bantered about these days.  What does that mean and how will a Wild Soul Quest help you be more resilient?

Resilience is often thought to be about being tough and coming back to what we were before being thrown off course.  Perhaps that definition of resilience is not what is needed.  Perhaps we need to be strong while allowing vulnerability, and opening to what is alive in us at any given time.  That may not be returning to an old version of self.


These edible snow lilies come up immediately after snow melt and only last a short time.

In these times of rapid change, climate change, an ongoing pandemic and unstable world politics and economics, how do we maintain a strong sense of self and stay grounded and fully alive and present?

Drop in, drop deep and connect your heart, with Spirit* through your Soul.  This takes living in your body, not in your mind.  (Your mind is a servant to your whole being, you were not meant to be a servant to your mind.)  This takes spending time alone, much of it in Nature.

When we observe the natural world from a place of curiosity or wonder, we begin to experience ourselves as Wild Souls, not separate from, but a part of that world.  This is how we connect, this is how we begin to discover the amazing world of Oneness.  Having these type of experiences give us a strong sense of who we are in this world, they ground us into our bodies and root us into the earth.  They open us to all of the beauty and love available to us in every moment.

We are filled with gratitude and from that place we have the strength and courage to remain open-hearted to ourselves and all Life in order to follow our purpose and be a much needed light in these dark times.


*Spirit/Great Mystery/Universe/The Divine/God/Sweet Essence . . .


Join us for a life transforming experience this summer!