Medicine Walk

Autumn Equinox Medicine Walk

September 21, 2019

Open your senses deeply and rekindle your vitality

You can be near the water or far off from the creek.

It’s about the views!


Do you feel more alive when out in Nature?

Is it time for you do some dreaming for yourself?

Is there something in your life that you seek clarity around?

Are you wanting to reassess priorities and revitalize your relationship with yourself?


     Receive wisdom and healing and inspiration from the natural world.

     Allow yourself to be supported in living your dreams.

     Gain clarity about your priorities and what is most important for you
       at this time.


WHEN: Saturday, September 21st • 9 – 4

WHERE: Near Paonia, CO


FEE: $35 suggested donation (talk to us if you are unable to pay)

GUIDES: Karen Good, Earth Centered Artist and Carolyn Ringo, Transition Guide

Details:  You must contact Karen at 970-462-6453 or Carolyn at 970-527-3933 to register.

You may also send us an email here.  Questions are welcome!

You will be sent a list of what to bring and some reading about “Day Walks”* upon registration.

We will be meeting to car pool at 8:30 am for a 1 hour 15 minute drive up Kebler pass.  It is an easy walk to our spot and many places for solo walking or sitting by the water or in the forest or in a meadow.  We will be back in town by 5:30 pm.

We will begin the day in a Council circle where we will help you distill your intentions and questions for your solo time with the land.

After the morning circle, you will have a few hours to spend alone being guided by your body, heart and spirit as you listen and look deeply into the natural world!

After returning from your solo time you will share your stories and we will mirror that story in a way to clarify and give meaning to your experience as it relates to your life at this time.

We will be fasting for the day.

*Day Walk / Wisdom Walk / Medicine Walk