Your Aliveness!

I thought I wanted to die.  I was experiencing a debilitating illness, my sister had just died, and I just wasn’t sure I had it in me to go on.

Then I was drawn to a vision quest focusing on our own physical deaths.

I had to have my gear carried to my solo spot and one of the guides buddied with me from base camp. I could not fast but was gently guided to how I might avoid using food as a distraction.

That quest had a greater impact on my life than any other experience.  I decided to live, really live!  And that particular fasting ceremony has been a guiding light for me in all the years since.

There has been only one participant I can name in all the fasts I have participated in and have led that did not feel it was a life altering transformational process.  Maybe not to the degree that I experienced, yet enough to bring healing and more aliveness to their lives.

Whether you are looking for quality focused time with Nature, looking for guidance, are letting go of a relationship, a job, a way of being, or are feeling drawn to the ceremony without knowing why, we invite you to a conversation with us.

“At its heart, a rite of passage is about coming to live not according to the roles laid down by our family, friends, or culture, but to live from the wholeness of our authentic selves. When we go out on the mountain, we cross the threshold into our solo with a strong intention to live what is genuine and true for each of us. This ceremony brings us face-to-face with the fundamentals—we face death and it reminds us to live life to its fullest now.” ~Virginia (Gigi) Coyle

We will gather on the land June 15th. You will begin to settle and prepare for your solo time in the deep comfort of women. On June 24th you will return to your loved ones renewed and ready to face whatever challenges that may be waiting for you.

Please call Karen at 970-462-6453 or Carolyn at 970-527-3933 for a conversation on the phone or in person.

There is an abundance of information over at our FAQ page.

Stay true to yourself and your own aliveness!