your guides

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” ~Albert Camus


Using the knowledge that has become embodied wisdom we bring our gifts to you, our people.  We intend to nurture self-compassion and kindness, presence and gratitude as daily practice. We will hold the space for you to renew, replenish and rejoice in yourself as a woman embodying wisdom needed on the planet.

We’ll help you hone your intention.  We’ll listen to your story, and mirror back the amazing life  myth you have created for yourself.  And you find time to be alone, with fellow questers and especially with the natural world.

Welcome to the Colorado Women’s Wild Soul Quest!

wild soul questCarolyn Ringo is a Transition Guide, experienced in coaching and guiding your process of discovery and transformation. Her sensitivity, aliveness, love of Nature and beauty in all forms, and faith in the practice of council drew her naturally into becoming a wilderness guide.  Being raised on a small family farm with forest and rivers, she developed a deep relational sense of wonder with the Earth and all it nurtures. Carolyn went on her first Vision Quest in 1994, and trained as a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide with The School of Lost Borders. In addition to coaching women in transition, Carolyn is a ceremonialist, mediator, relationship coach, communication teacher, end-of-life planning specialist and lover of life. She lives in The North Fork Valley on the Western Slope of Colorado.


IMG_6406_2Karen Good was trained as a guide by the founders of The School of Lost Borders in 1996. Karen loves to have her feet and hands in the Earth, as an avid potter, an avid gardener and lover of Nature. As a teacher (24 years) she often used Nature as classroom and mirror. Living as a young adult with no electricity or running water for 15 years in the woods, as well as building many homes with her own hands using recycled materials, she created a close relationship to the Earth. Karen lived in Zambia from age 13-17, attending the local high school, exposing her to the harsh inequities in the lives of humans and the incredibly rich and full cultural life of people who have virtually no possessions. All of this has developed a deep love of wilderness, leading Karen to continually find time on the Earth for physical, emotional and spiritual healing and deepening. Karen has recently stepped down as Executive Director of Elsewhere Studios, an artist in residency program in Paonia, Colorado.  She is enjoying more time for her extensive gardens, creating with clay, and being a grandmother.